Elemental Alignment: 5-Elements in Chinese Medicine

Welcome readers! I met with my lovely friend, Hannah Grasso, the other day to start brainstorming on some workshop ideas. I absolutely love combining things I love and working with other inspiring women.

Our brainstorming led us to exploring how we can each invite participants at our workshop to tap in to the elements as they exist within their bodies through the use of movement and acupuncture. For my portion of the workshop (the acupuncture), I have chosen one point related to each of the 5-elements to stimulate while participants rest in savasana at the end of class. I am choosing points on these meridians that I use most commonly in the clinic, and that are safe to use on all bodies.



Each of the 5-elements in Chinese medicine can be seen represented in the world around us as well as within our own bodies. Below, I have an introductory list to help you better understand a bit about the qualities of each of the elements.  Each element is related to a yin and a yang meridian, a season, a color, an emotion, and actually a lot of other aspects, but I’ll just leave it there for simplicity’s sake.



Meridians: Heart/Small Intestine, Pericardium/San Jiao

Season: Summer

Color: Red

Emotion: Joy



Meridians: Spleen/Stomach

Season: Late-summer

Color: Yellow

Emotion: Thoughtfulness



Meridians: Lung/Large Intestine

Season: Autumn

Color: White

Emotion: Grief



Meridians: Kidney/Bladder

Season: Winter

Color: Black

Emotion: Fear



Meridians: Liver/Gall Bladder

Season: Spring

Color: Green

Emotion: Anger


Stay tuned for my next blog!  I will show you the points I have chosen to use with a short description of their functions.

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