Elemental Alignment: Acupuncture Points

Fire: Pericardium 6 (PC 6)-Nei Guan: Inner Pass

This is a great point for nausea, to calm anxiety, to reduce stress, and to help with sleep issues.

Earth: Stomach (St 36)-Zusanli: Leg 3 Mile

This is probably one of my all time favorite points. It is very nourishing for the whole body and particularly for the digestive system This point is also used to improve energy levels and to boost immunity.

Metal: Large Intestine (LI 4)-He Gu: Union Point

This is a great point to promote circulation throughout the entire body. It can help to reduce pain and tension anywhere in the body (Large Intestine 4 is used in conjunction with Liver 3. Together, they are  known as the 4 gates. The 4 gates are a power house at promoting circulation, and balancing the entire system). LI 4 is contraindicated in pregnancy, so if anyone has the slightest inkling they might be pregnant I will not use this point.

Instead, I would tap into the metal element using another point.

*If pregnant-Lung 7 (LU 7)*-Lie Que: Broken Sequence

LU 7 this point helps to tonify or strengthen the lung meridian, it is a great immune system booster.

Water: Kidney 3 (Kd 3)-Taixi: Great Ravine

This point is known as the source point on the kidney meridian and is very nourishing for the kidney meridian which naturally declines as we age. This point can be used to build up kidney energy and to eliminate lower back pain.

Wood: Liver 3 (LV 3)-Tai Chong: Great Surge

As I mentioned above, this point is even more powerful when it’s combined with LI 4, but is also quite powerful all on its own. I use this point all the time in the clinic to help promote circulation, to alleviate stress and to supplement the LV (liver) Qi  (energy) and blood.

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