The “NADA” Protocol for Stress & Sleep

The “NADA” protocol is a simple, yet very powerful set of 5 points in the auricle (outer part) of the ear. “NADA” stands for the National Acupuncture Detoxification Association. This protocol is different from other acupuncture treatments in that there is no diagnostic procedure and the set of points is the same for everyone. This means that treatments can be done very quickly and can even be used when there is a language barrier. The treatment is also generally given in a group setting. The group setting helps to build support among those being treated and to ward of isolative tendencies.

The ear is known as a micro-system meaning that you can treat every part of the macrocosm of the body using only the ear. The image that is used to describe how this works is one of an upside down fetus overlayed on the ear.

Here’s an image that might make this easier to understand:

As you can see in the image above, the lobe would be used to treat the head, and the upper part of the ear would be used to treat the lower body.

The NADA protocol includes the following points; Shen men, Sympathetic, Kidney, Liver and Lung points in the ear. These points are used to alleviate stress and anxiety, to improve sleep, and to reduce addictive behaviors. Here’s an image of where these points are located:

Each of the points listed above has been added to the protocol based on specific functions of that point. Below is a list of each of the points with their related functions.

Shen men: also called “Spirit Gate”, reduces anxiety

Sympathetic: calms the nervous system, promotes relaxation

Liver: aids detoxification, alleviates irritability

Kidney: aids detoxification, calms fear

Lung: aids in reducing grief and is particularly useful in promoting smoking cessation

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