The Wonders of Castor Oil!

As part of my training in the Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy®, we were taught about the amazing benefits of castor oil used on the lower abdomen. I have been using castor oil packs in the office prior to massage sessions. I simply cover the belly with lots of castor oil (from my oil warmer-pictured below-this helps make the oil less sticky and easier to work with, but is unnecessary for at home use).

After the abdomen is saturated with oil, I will place a small square of flannel  over the entire abdomen and place my infrared heat lamp over the belly to keep it nice and warm. At this point, I allow the oil and heat do their thing for 20-minutes.

For conditions like fibroids, cysts or painful cramps prior to menstruation this is an amazing practice to incorporate at home! Castor oil packs are also highly recommended for fertility enhancement.

So without further ado here’s how to do an at home castor oil pack:

  1. Rub castor oil all over your belly (or any other painful area)
  2. Place a towel/wash cloth/flannel over the area
  3. Cover the area with a heat source; i.e. rice pack, hot water bottle, heating pad
  4. Rest for 20-45 min with the pack in place
  5. Repeat 2-3x/week

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