Chinese Herbal Yoni Steams!

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As you may know, over this past year I have introduced Yoni Steaming to my list of services in the clinic. It has been so amazing to witness the changes, and the healing that have occurred through the use of this treatment modality! Thus far, I have been using the amazing formulas that Keli over at Steamy Chick created. I love these formulas, but ever the curious human that I am, I wanted to see how steaming with a Chinese herbal formula might be. There is some overlap in Chinese and Western herbology, but I wanted to see how a formula that was straight-up Chinese herbs would work as a Yoni steam.

Below is a formual that’s great for cysts and fibroids, and general use for most women at the end of their period.

The formula I am playing with first is called Tao Hong Si Wu Tang:

Tao Hong Si Wu Tang:  is based on a formula called Si Wu Tang (Four Substance Decoction), which contains:

Dang Gui: to tonify the blood, regulate menstruation, move blood & alleviate pain

Shu di Huang: to nourish the blood & yin

Bai Shao: to nourish blood, regulate menstruation, soften the liver & stop pain

Chuan Xiong: to invigorate blood & move Qi

This formula is indicated for ‘blood deficiency’ and ‘blood stagnation’ that occur simultaneously (as they often do).

To this formula we add Tao Ren to vitalize the blood and dispel stasis, and Hong Hua to invigorate blood, stop pain, and regulate menstruation. The addition of these two herbs makes Tao Hong Si Wu Tang. Using this formula is a great way to ensure that all of the blood that needs to be cleared from the uterus is cleared completely.

Steaming is contraindicated during the period, but using this formula at the end of the period is a great practice in order to ensure that everything is cleared out from that cycle so that the body isn’t having to work so hard to get it out in subsequent cycles..

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