Women’s Health Series: Irregular Periods

Hello lovely readers,

With all of the updates to my site and the name change there has been so much going on!  I, regretfully, haven’t had much of a chance to write for you all. I have a really great series of blogs that I will be writing to share more about the how the services that I offer can assist with all things women’s health.

So I will start from the beginning. Periods. Periods provide so much insight into the overall health and function of a woman’s body. There are some general guidelines that are indicative of a healthy cycle. Let’s break this down into pieces.

  1. Ovulation: Did you know that you can experience a uterine bleed without having ovulated (which would mean that bleed isn’t actually a period) ? The only way to know for sure that you have ovulated is to track your basal body temperature (BBT), your cervical mucus (CM), and cervical position. I highly recommend studying with Lisa of Fertility Friday to learn more about tracking your cycles. I also highly recommend her book, ‘The Fifth Vital Sign.’
  2. Luteal Phase Length: The luteal phase is the 2nd half of your cycle (after ovulation has occurred). Although there can be some variability in the follicular phase (the 1st phase) of your cycle, the luteal phase is generally pretty consistently 12-14 days long.
  3. Number of Days of Menstruation: Women generally bleed for 3-7 days during their period, and anything more or less than this range can indicate imbalance.
  4. Amount of Blood: The period should ideally be a medium flow (i.e. 3-4 tampons/day). I personally use Thinx during my period so it’s ok if the tampon range doesn’t mean anything to you. I find that most women seem to intuitively know if their period is lighter or heavier than it ought to be. If you don’t that’s ok too! A heavy period or a very light period can both indicate hormonal imbalance.
  5. Color of Blood: The blood should ideally be bright red to deep burgundy. Blood that is dark (especially if there is clotting) would indicate stagnation. Blood that is pink or pale indicates that there is an underlying deficiency condition.
  6. Pain: Periods can be uncomfortable, but they should not be painful. I repeat, periods should not be painful. If you have a lot of pain at ovulation, pre-menstrually and/or during your period there’s no need to suffer. Check out the treatment modalities listed below, they may just change your experience of your period forever!
  7. Cycle Length: A normal menstrual cycle should range from 24-35 days. The most important aspect of this is that there is consistency in cycle length for each woman.

Any one of these factors can indicate an imbalance, even if there aren’t any issues with any of the other parameters.

So, how can I help?

  1. First, I love guiding women as they learn how to better analyze their cycles and learn from them about their overall health.
  2. The services I offer can also address each of the issues listed above. Acupuncture, Chinese herbs, Yoni steaming and Arvigo Abdominal massage can all help to ensure regular ovulation, regulate cycle length, normalize the color of the blood, alleviate pain, and regulate the number of days bleeding :

Yoni steamingremove stagnation, promotes circulation & warms the womb

Acupunctureremoves stagnation, tonifies deficiency, warms the womb (especially when combined with moxibustion)

Chinese herbstonify deficiency, removes stagnation, warm the womb

Arvigo Abdominal Massage-removes congestion from the pelvic region & re-aligns the uterus

Castor oil packremoves congestion from the pelvic region & warms the womb

It’s absolutely not required to use all of these services in order to regulate your cycle. In general, I prefer to have a consultation with women over the phone prior to scheduling a session so I can recommend the treatment modalities that I think will be most useful for her specific needs. Please feel free to reach out if you have questions!

Stay tuned for the next installment: Ovarian cysts.

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