Benefits of Postpartum Yoni Steaming

Yoni steaming is such an amazing practice for nearly all women, but is most especially useful for women in the postpartum phase. There are so many pregnant ladies in my life right now so I felt particularly inspired to write about all of these amazing benefits!

So, what are the main benefits of steaming in the postpartum time? Check out the list below!

  1. Clears out the lochia, the lochia is a combination of blood and other fluids that are passed through the vaginal canal after the baby and placenta have been passed. Clearing out the lochia with steaming helps to prevent infection, reduces painful postpartum contractions, and ensures healthy, regular, pain free periods when they return.
  2. Lifts the uterus: this can help to treat prolapse, to reduce bladder incontinence, and the lifting energy of the steam can also be used to treat hemorrhoids.
  3. Eliminates fluid retention. Steaming can also help to get the uterus back to its pre-pregnancy size more quickly.
  4. Because the cervix remains open in the postpartum period, the body is more able to receive the benefits of healing through yoni steaming. Therefore, women with chronic issues like painful periods, cysts or fibroids may find that steaming is even more effective in the postpartum period, and this will have long term healing effects.
  5. Aids in the production of breast milk. In Chinese medicine, the breast milk and menstrual blood have the same source. Therefore, if the period returns too soon (i.e. <9 mos postpartum) it will be much harder for the body to produce an adequate amount of breast milk. Steaming postpartum can ensure that the period doesn’t return too early, and that the body has enough time to rejuvenate before menstruating again.
  6. Steaming can also help to improve a woman’s mood and help her feel calmer and more relaxed, which can help to alleviate symptoms of postpartum depression.

There are several protocols that I work with in the postpartum period. This is definitely not a one-size-fits-all treatment modality. It’s important that steaming is done at the right time and with the appropriate herbs. This will be based on how the birth went, the woman’s menstrual history and a variety of other factors.

I highly recommend booking a session for a comprehensive consultation with me prior to steaming at home. I offer steam sessions in the office, but in the postpartum time period, it isn’t recommended to put the body under unnecessary stress (like getting to an appointment). Therefore, I offer Skype sessions for consultations and guidance on what will be best for each woman based on her specific needs. I also have a steam sauna available to rent out on a monthly basis if you’re in the Los Angeles area or you can purchase one here:

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