Arvigo Abdominal Massage


Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy® or ATMAT is a massage technique performed on the abdomen, lower back and sacrum that aims to re-position organs in the abdominal cavity in order to optimize organ function.

These techniques aid in promoting blood circulation in the pelvic area and abdominal organs thereby eliminating pain and other digestive, urinary or menstrual symptoms.


This massage technique is typically used to alleviate symptoms related to the menstrual cycle, to enhance fertility, and in postpartum recovery. This is because the techniques are especially useful in re-positioning the uterus. This massage can increase blood flow, aid in hormonal regulation and create more structural stability in the organs.

Some symptoms these sessions address include:


Irregular menstrual cycles


Menstrual cramps/lower back pain


Amenorrhea (loss of period for reasons other than pregnancy)






Painful intercourse (penetrative sex)


Fertility challenges


Menopausal & peri-menopausal symptoms


Postpartum symptoms


Digestive complaints (i.e. IBS, constipation)


Urinary issues (i.e. incontinence, UTI)

Arvigo Abdominal Massage FAQs

Initial sessions are 2 hours in length & follow-up sessions are 90 min. In the initial session, we will assess your condition and determine a treatment plan. You will also learn an abdominal self-care massage technique so that you can continue the work between sessions.

When appropriate, you may also receive  a castor oil pack at the beginning of the session. If castor oil packs are appropriate for you, you can also continue using them at home. You can read more about how that works here.

This work is not appropriate for women that are pregnant. If there is even a very slight possibility you might be pregnant, this work is not recommended. There is a style of ATMAT that is indicated during pregnancy, and I will happily refer you to a practitioner that works with pregnancy if you are pregnant.

It may be less comfortable to perform deeper work in the lower abdomen in the week prior to your period and while you are menstruating.  If you prefer to have deeper work, I would suggest avoiding the massage the week prior and during your period.

If you have an acute infection in the abdomen or pelvis, it is recommended that you clear the infection prior to receiving this work.

Women with an IUD may only receive a very gentle touch, and may only perform feather-light strokes during their self-care massage.

This massage is excellent for the postpartum period, but you should wait at least 6 weeks following a vaginal birth and at least 3 months following a caesarean birth prior to receiving this work.

Additionally, if you have had a surgical procedure in your abdomen, you must be cleared by your medical doctor and wait 6-8 weeks prior to receiving this massage. If you have had a surgery in the abdominal or pelvic area and have mesh in the area, deep work is not appropriate, but gentle strokes are appropriate.

If you have a hiatal hernia, gentle strokes are appropriate but deeper work is not recommended.

The answer to this question depends upon the condition as well as any financial or time constraints that may exist. It is also appropriate to have 1 session and simply continue with the self-care portion that you will be taught in the initial session.

Many women enjoy monthly sessions at the end of their period. A course of three sessions is recommended in general.

Please reach out if you have more specific questions about this.

For initial sessions, we recommend working with the ATMAT alone. Based on your goals, we will determine additional treatment modalities that may be appropriate. The ATMAT massage can easily be combined with acupuncture and/or yoni steaming when appropriate and/or desired in follow-up sessions.

Initial Session - $150

Follow-Up Session - $100

Do you have a question that wasn’t addressed here? Please reach out.


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