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Chinese herbal medicine is a powerful tool used to enhance the effects of acupuncture. These formulas contain a variety of herbs that work together to assist the body in the healing process. Formulas are prescribed in the form of powders that can either be taken as a tea or in a capsule form.  If herbal medicine is appropriate for your condition, we will let you know and will prescribe it to you directly. If you’re not sure if herbal medicine is right for your condition, don’t hesitate to ask.

chinese herbal medicine

Herbal prescriptions are an additional fee ranging from $15-30/week. It is always recommended to schedule follow-up appointments frequently (at least monthly) in order to ensure that the formula you are currently taking is suited to your current condition. For acute conditions, herbal medicine is generally only taken for a few weeks, and will be taken longer-term for more chronic conditions.

At Rosebud Wellness, prescription requests are e-mailed to you.  You take care of payment directly through this service, and the herbs are shipped directly to your door. You will be taught how and when to administer the herbs during your session.

In contrast to pharmaceuticals, you should not have any side effects with Chinese herbal medicine. If you are taking a formula and you experience any negative side effects or a reaction that you’re not sure about it is important that you stop taking the formula and contact us to determine how to proceed.

Chinese Herbal Medicine FAQs

Initial Session - $80

Follow-up Session - $70


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