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The fertility awareness method involves tracking your three main fertile signs; basal body temperature, cervical mucus and cervical position. This method can be used as a natural form of birth control, to optimize chances of conception, to monitor overall health and to detect any underlying health conditions.

A fertility awareness method session will include education on how to properly use the method for your specific goals. Introductory sessions are very information heavy as I teach you the method. During follow-up sessions we review your charts and I make recommendations for lifestyle shifts, supplements or practices to assist with any imbalances or irregularities.

Fertility Awareness Method FAQs

There are many different fertility awareness based methods. The method I have been trained in is a sympto-thermo method that I have learned from Lisa Hendrickson-Jack, founder of Fertility Friday & author of the "Fifth Vital Sign".

This method involves tracking and charting your three main fertile signs:

  1. Basal Body Temperature
  2. Cervical Mucus
  3. Cervical Position
  • Avoiding pregnancy naturally - women are only fertile for 6 days out of the entire cycle ( the 5 days prior to and on ovulation day). Once you are able to identify when you are and are not fertile you are empowered to avoid sex on fertile days and can enjoy unprotected sex on infertile days. It is very important to fully understand the method prior to using it for birth control.
  • Optimizing your chances of conception - because women are only fertile for 6 days out of any given cycle, timing is everything when you are trying to conceive.
  • Monitoring overall health - so much can be revealed by observing your fertile signs in terms of your hormonal, cervical and overall health. Your menstrual cycle is the fifth vital sign! 
  • Identifying health issues - when you are charting your cycles, you can uncover health conditions that would have otherwise gone unidentified potentially for years! 

You basal body temperature (BBT) is your resting metabolic rate. In order to read your BBT you will take you temperature first thing in the morning before you talk, get up to pee or drink anything. There are some other guidelines on getting an accurate BBT, and that's some of what we get into in our introductory session. 

Did you know that mucus coming out of your vagina is totally normal and healthy? I can't tell you the number of women that have told me that they thought they had an infection every time they were in their fertile window.

Cervical mucus is a hydrogel that is produced in the cervical crypts in your cervix (the base of your uterus). It is produced in response to rising estrogen levels. Sperm are dependent on CM for survival so tracking CM is vitally important when determining when you are and are not fertile.

Did you know that your uterus moves depending on where you are in your cycle? It is because of this movement that you can use the position of your cervix (at the base of you uterus) as an additional sign of your fertility status. When observing cervical position you are looking at the height, openness, angle & firmness. 


Yes, I do fertility awareness sessions over zoom and can record the session so that you can watch it again if you like.

You can also send me your charts via email and we can review them together on the screen.

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